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Video - James on CBS
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Dallas Whole Life Counseling

About Dallas Whole Life Counseling

Dallas Whole Life Counseling is owned and operated by happily married couple of 24 years, Dr. Heather and James Robbins.
Serving DFW since 1999, DWLC employs a wide variety of counseling and coaching specialists who work with individuals, couples, teens, kids and family. Our nationally recognized practice offers expert treatment for anxiety and depression, confident career and life coaching, non-judgmental relationship guidance and a wealth of other services.

"...their differences help make them a good team."

"Their shared interests in music, reading, philosophy Heather and James Robbinsand spirituality drew them together, but time has underscored their differences. James is more logical and intellectual; Heather is more intuitive and emotional, they say. They believe their differences help make them a good team."

 —The Dallas Morning News



Dallas Whole Life Counseling Philosophy

We believe that a deeply satisfying life requires a healthy balance of career, family, romantic relationship, physical wellness and all other aspects of day-to-day experience. When one of these aspects of life unhealthily dominates your time or energy, other aspects of experience suffer. Our therapists help you examine the various pieces of your life as a whole, and to bring those often conflicting parts into harmony with one another.

When you experience a roadblock in one specific area of your life, it is often a symptom of overall imbalance. That is to say, the best way to overcome a frustrating obstacle in your career or marriage, for example, may involve working on aspects of your life seemingly unrelated to career or marriage. Although each part of your life is important and essential, the sum is greater than the parts. You are the sum, not just a collection of all the puzzle pieces that make up your experience.

Diverse Team of Specialists

Dallas Whole Life consists of a team of specialists with a wide range of personal backgrounds, education and clinical expertise. Each of these therapists has particular strengths when working with certain issues, or clients of a particular age, gender, occupation and so on. When you schedule your first appointment, our administrative staff will carefully match you with the most appropriate specialist during your available timeframe. In addition to traditional working hours, our therapists are also available evenings and weekends.

You are also welcome to request a specific therapist. Therapist bios are available on this site.

Our Client-Care Attitude

Each of our therapists is selected, first and foremost, for his or her ability to provide authentically compassionate, non-judgmental guidance. Our therapists are trained to meet each client where that client is, rather than imposing some particular belief system or rigid way of doing things. Dallas Whole Life therapists are flexible and open-minded, ready to adapt treatment approaches to your unique circumstances, goals and personality.

We believe that you already have within you the capacity for profound positive change. The therapist’s task is to help you recognize and let go of outdated or self-defeating ways of perceiving yourself and the world, so that you can realize your true potential. We provide a warm, supportive environment where you can feel safe to discover and unlock unrecognized strengths, talents and abilities.

Solution-Focused Counseling and Coaching

Although therapy involves exploring feelings and beliefs, it is also about making a concrete plan for growth. Your past experiences influence your current thoughts and feelings about your present life circumstances. Dwelling in the past, however, is never the goal of therapy. The Russian philosopher, G.I. Gurdjieff said, “If you wish to get out of prison, the first thing you must do is realize that you are in prison.” You examine your limiting core beliefs and discouraging past experiences only so that you can overcome them. This involves hard work. It requires the courage and willingness to take action steps toward your personal goals.

Dallas Whole Life encourages you to focus on clear goals, break them into manageable steps, and measure your progress toward those goals in a structured way. Your genuine dedication to the process of self-discovery, and energetic commitment toward positive action, is the single best indicator for your success in therapy.

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